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Satoshi FURUI:Profile Overview

Born in 1959
1977-80 Musashino Art University, Oil painting department
1980-85 Tokyo Natuional University, Oil Painting department
1985-87  Tokyo Natuional University, master's course
1987-91  Tokyo Natuional University, doctoral course
1991 PhD (D. dissertation, "Impossible Texts.")
2002-2005 Tokyo Natuional University, Part-time lecturer
2005-2007 Asagaya College of Art and Design, Part-time lecturer
Numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Sagacho Exibit Space, Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, etc.
Since 2006, his works have been nominated for Christie's Hong Kong Asian Contemporary Art and recognized in the international art market.
Since November 2012, the artist has been on a virtual hiatus from producing paintings, including a discussion sparked by the Marcel Duchamp issue.

  Opened Apocalypse
Disclosure of the discussion that has been kept secret for 10 years and the organized crime that has been suffered because of it.
 My argument has been kept secret for 10 years and has been subjected to organized crime attempting to destroy it. However, if the argument were published here, it would no longer be a specific secret. I hope that this issue will be raised for discussion. And it is hoped that the "permanent elimination of the authority and influence," as stated in the Potsdam Declaration, will be more fully accomplished. And again, "cultural security" for counter-satanism is expected to ensure that anti-human discourse is retreated, deceptions in historical perceptions are corrected, and humanity in cultural discourse is protected.
Connecting a point and a point form a line. When combine a line and a line, form a surface. And it would become the "boundary surface of humanity" that repels anti-human discourse.


 Winston Churchill making the V-sign (drawing:Satoshi Furui )

 Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime Prime Minister during World War II, In his "Battle of Britain" speech, he described the war against the Nazis as "a battle for the very survival of Christian civilization."
 Hitler boasted that by exterminating the Jews, Christianity would die a natural death in 100 or 200 years.
 Winston Churchill was in the vanguard of that battle against Hitler and led the Allied forces to victory.
The man who should win, Winston Churchill.
 Names and natures do often agree.
 Winston Churchill…
 Win for Church…

 The "V-sign," which represents victory, was also called the "peace sign" after that.
                (From Satoshi Furui, "Thesis 3: Extra-Human=Apocalypse" (unpublished).

A Proposal for Cultural Security
For Counter-Satanism  
 I have come to regard the so-called "Satan" as a real threat, sparked by my essay on the contemporary artist Marcel Duchamp. I came to believe that the past history of man has been greatly overshadowed by the "conflict between man and Satan.
 If we are not aware of anti-human discourse mixed in with human discourse, then we would have to say that that is a lack of recognition. It is a matter of judgment in the human world. The identification and repulsion of anti-human discourse is supposed to lead to the security of the human world.  I have made the following arguments on this issue.

1."Thesis 1: Forbidden Historical Fact" [Abstract of Argument].
Marcel Duchamp, a well-known contemporary artist, in his late interview with French critic Pierre Cabannes, "Conversations with Duchamp," said, "All human creations have no value." He had said. The contradiction of Marcel Duchamp, who is supposed to be a "human artist," asserting such a statement was somehow difficult to understand, and it was a mystery that has troubled me for the past 30 years.
Human society is supposed to be established by regarding various things created by human beings as having some meaning and value. Those who deny it all and do not flinch will have to be judged as "the antithesis of man in human form.
My discussion began with a single point of questioning that statement by Marcel Duchamp. I have come to believe that the so called "Satan" is a real problem. (to Argument Summar)

2. "Thesis 2: Solution to "Also sprach Zarathustra"" [Abstract of Argument].
 In Friedrich Nietzsche's masterpiece, " Also sprach Zarathustra," he wrote: "Not long ago I heard the devil saying: 'God is dead. God is dead because of compassion for mankind. Friedrich Nietzsche did not refer to "God is dead" as his own thought, but rather He had wrote that he had heard this from the demon that possessed him many times. In this section, Friedrich wrote, "I heard the Devil say..." In the rest of the book, however, Friedrich's consciousness and Satan's (the devil's) consciousness are not clearly separated, but are mixed up in the content of "Also sprach Zarathustra" as a whole. In that sense, half of this " Also sprach Zarathustra " should be called "Satan Speaks.
 The most greatest achievement upon Friedrich Nietzsche would be to leave a testimony of Satan to future generations, despite his self-sacrifice.
(to Argument Summary)

3."Thesis 3: Extra-Human Apocalypse"  I discussed the history from ancient times to the present day from the viewpoint of "the conflict between man and Satan. It was assumed that there was an organizational background to the issue, but "its forces" came to be considered equivalent to "the authority and influence" referred to in paragraph 6 of the Potsdam Declaration as "the permanent elimination of the authority and influence."
(to Excerpts from the message)

4.Specific issues related to historical awareness
 In addition, a close examination of historical facts related to this issue reveals several cultural issues related to historical perceptions, including the following. These are also pointed out as "cultural security" issues. (to Argument Summary)

4-1.The problem of the fraudulent name of Koichi Kido, Inner Minister (Naidaijin) of Japan until the end of the war. (to Argument Summary)
4-2.Allegations of falsification of the "Showa Emperor's Monologue" (to Argument Summary)
4-3.The issue of falsification of "13 Days: Memoirs of the Cuban Crisis" by Robert Kennedy (to Argument Summary)
4-4.Alleged falsification since the first edition of the French original of "Dialogues with Duchamp" by Pierre Cabanne. (to Argument Summary)

5. Outline of the organized crime that has been suffered for 10 years due to the leak of the information in this discussion.
 Since November 2012, when I began this discussion, my PC has been monitored by the intelligence community. However, because of the leakage of this information, I have been subjected to organized crime that is out of the ordinary. It was believed that the assumed "its force" was thereby demonstrated in today's Japan. Perhaps the unofficial intervention of U.S. intelligence agencies has eased that organized crime siege considerably compared to what it was at one time, but there are still a few stalkers who continue to routinely and repetitively follow them. Even if they report it to the police, no attempt is made to crack down on it, and the organized crime itself continues to be tried to be swept under the rug as having no case. (to description)

"Thesis 1: Forbidden Historical Fact" [Abstract of Argument] (to next page)

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